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Impact Report.

Want to share the carbon footprint of your product?

You need an environmental impact report, also known as life cycle assessment (LCA)!

This is an analysis of the environmental impact of a product, over the course of its entire life cycle.

Use this report to:

  • Educate your customers on the benefits of your product

  • Show investors that you're having real impact

  • Differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace

Investment begins at $2100 (USD) per report

Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
Accounting Report

Ever heard of scope 1, 2, 3 emissions?

Yep, this is called greenhouse gas accounting.


This accounting report calculates the total GHGs emitted directly or indirectly from a business.


Use this report to:

  • Understand which business activities have the highest impact

  • Establish a baseline so you can work on an emissions reduction plan

  • Determine the offset amount needed to become carbon-neutral

Investments begin at $2800 (USD) per report.

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Need something different?

We also offer consulting services.


Our consulting services cover a variety of subjects to help you meet your sustainability goals. 


Examples of consultative projects:

  • Incorporating life-cycle approach thinking into the design of a product or service

  • Roadmap to becoming carbon-neutral

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals alignment

Consultation rate is $150/hour. Project-based packages are also available.