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We help small/medium sized businesses gain a competitive advantage through sustainability consulting. 

What does that mean?

Find out below. 

Strategic Consulting

What does your sustainability journey look like over the next year?

If you can’t answer because you’ve too many ideas and can’t prioritize. Start here.

Maybe you’re thinking about B corp certification or your net zero plan, you may be buying offsets, or looking for an ESG report. What makes the most sense for you right now?

But where do you start?

(spoiler, it’s here)

This Is For You If You Are:

Our strategic consulting session is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that are eager to embrace sustainability but need direction on how to begin.


In this 60-minute session, we'll have a focused conversation about your sustainability goals, challenges, and aspirations. Within a week, you'll have a clear and concise 2-page action plan, highlighting specific steps and strategies to help you effectively work towards your objectives. This is a high-level roadmap to kickstart your company's sustainability journey.

How We Do It:

  1. Discovery Session: a 30 min consult to understand your business, its operations, values, goals, and resources available.

  2. Detailed Session: a 60 min consult to dig deep into feasibility of proposed solutions, along with setting goals, deadlines, and assigning contact people. Payment is collected prior to call. 

  3. Report: Walk away with a execution plan that’s customized to your business. This is available within a week of the Detailed Session.

What You'll Receive:

  • Execution plan for the next year, broken down by quarter with your sustainability goals neatly prioritized.

  • Set of solutions and resources and access to other consultants where relevant

  • Confidence in knowing your exact next steps

Note: The recommended actions are not necessarily those provided by W2R Solutions. We have a wide network of consultants who offer various services suited for small/medium sized businesses!


$350 USD

Book your discovery call today by using the button below. 

What Past Customers Are Saying
Strategic Consulting
Steven MacMaster, Circa Technologies.jpg

Steven MacMaster, Circa Technologies

W2R Solutions is undoubtedly the best choice for any company working on their sustainability strategy. We stumbled across W2R early in our sustainability journey, and now we can't imagine where we'd be without them!

Between their deep technical knowledge and pulse on the current sustainability landscape, they've been an invaluable asset to our company for the many years we've worked with them.

The team is so friendly, reliable & mission-driven, it's a genuine pleasure to work with W2R— I enthusiastically recommend them to any organization taking its first steps into sustainability!

How do we measure the carbon footprint of a company?

With Carbon Accounting!

Here's what you need to know:

Just like a financial statement shows you a company's financial status, carbon accounting tells us how a business is contributing to climate change (and everyone’s does).

Think of it as a tool to measure and manage your businesses impact on the environment.

By taking an inventory of the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses released by your business, we can understand our environmental footprint and pinpoint the areas where we can lower emissions.

TLDR: Carbon accounting helps you make informed choices that minimize your carbon footprint.

Some activities that contribute to the release of carbon emissions are:

  • Operating a manufacturing site

  • Employees traveling to work

  • Buying goods and services (aka all of us!)

  • Shipping finished products

  • Offsite team retreats

  • And so much more!

You see, all companies have a carbon footprint.

But very few manage their emissions and communicate it to their stakeholders.

Not you though. You're doing the thing whilst others talk about it. So let the competition avoid this work and risk:

  • Losing value-led clients who want their customers committed to climate action

  • Jeopardizing stakeholder confidence whilst scrambling to pull together emission reports last minute.

So, if you’re ready, this is where we begin.


Carbon Accounting - Step 1:

Measure Carbon Emissions

We can't improve what we don't measure.

So, when it comes to improving the carbon footprint of your business, measurement is the first step. 

This Is For You If You Are:

  • Feeling pressure of compliance: Suppliers asking for your emissions data? Investors? Applying for B-Corp certification? This is the data they need.

  • Avoiding greenwashing: You can’t be accused of greenwashing when sharing your carbon footprint openly

  • Wanting to boost sales: capture the attention of conscious consumers who prioritize sustainable businesses

  • Wanting to help our planet: Because we only have one!

What We Do:

  1. We have a consultation and start collecting data from your business.

  2. We crunch the numbers. These gnarly calculations make all the difference.

  3. We report it. Our findings are written in simple, human terms so you can share it internally and externally and y’know, understand it. For the details folk, it’s scopes 1, 2 and 3.

What You'll Receive:

  • A carbon accounting report with your entire emissions inventory. Now you can share this with your customers and stakeholders and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, openly and honestly. Kudos!

  • Online software set up and loaded with all your emissions data. Use this for ongoing work or keep just for your reference.

  • Cost savings, operational efficiencies and brand equity. Investor confidence. Transparent communications. Your customers' trust. The knowledge that you’ve future proofed your business by doing what your competitors aren’t (yet).


Pricing depends on the size of your business operations such as the number of sites. It also depends on which types of emissions you’d like to measure. Typically, our pricing is as follows:

  • Scopes 1 & 2 (up to 3 sites*) = $3,000 USD

  • Scopes 1 & 2 & 3 (up to 3 sites*) = $6,000 USD 

*each additional site is $500.

Office Meeting

Carbon Accounting - Step 2:

Reduce Carbon Emissions


Now that we’ve measured your emissions, it’s time for the fun part: to put a reduction plan in place.  Afterall, we can’t manage what we don’t measure!

No longer will your question where to focus your sustainability efforts. 

Plus, knowing exactly how you can reduce your emissions doesn’t just feel good, it’s the right thing to do.

But we know, one size doesn’t fit all and we’ve found that a customized solution works better, and has a greater chance of success.

This Is For You If You:

  • Are committed to sustainability: Had your emissions measured but don’t know what’s next? Let’s create a plan to reduce your emissions. 

  • Need customized solutions: The right carbon reduction plan for you is unique, just like your business. 

  • Don’t have spare time: Who does?! Researching and assessing the most feasible climate actions takes time. Let us speed up the process so you can fast forward to actually implementing solutions.

How We Do It:

  1. We review phase 1 work (measurement) and discuss the biggest sources of emissions

  2. Assess feasibility and impact of opportunities. (i.e. how realistic is it to cut travel by 30%? Could you source closer suppliers? How much will you cut emissions in 5 years? etc). We do this with your key decision makers in a workshop.

  3. Research customized solutions to reduce emissions based on stage 1 work

  4. Report on actual solutions to implement and recommend emission reduction targets

What You'll Receive:

  • Analysis of different climate solutions, specific to your business

  • Report with 3-5 researched and actionable steps, specific to your business.

  • Projected emission reduction numbers for each solution



$3,500 USD for entire package

What Past Customers Are Saying About Carbon Accounting
Cären Yang, Director for Creative Delivery, Lasallian Educational and Research Initiatives

Cären Yang, Director for Creative Delivery, Lasallian Educational and Research Initiatives

W2R Solutions asked the right questions and got us to a great place with expert guidance. This is something we would have never been able to do on our own!


Not only do we have clarity on where to begin, but we also have some real action steps to get us moving forward.


Carbon Accounting - Step 3:

Set Carbon Emissions Targets

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


Going for net-zero? 


How do you plan on getting there? 


You need science-based targets (SBTs)*.

Science-based targets are emissions reduction goals that are aligned with the latest climate science and designed to help limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, as outlined in the Paris Agreement.

By setting SBTs, your business shows its commitment to sustainability while adhering to international agreements such as the Paris Agreement. 

This Is For You If You Are:

  • Needing to set science-based targets: Wondering where to begin? What does science-based even mean? We got you covered. 

  • Part of Canada’s net zero challenge: This challenge requires interim targets. We help you complete your checklist

  • Striving for net zero: You need a plan to hit your goal, with a few mini targets along the way. 


How It Works:

  1. ​Book your consultation 

  2. We review your business operation, current carbon footprint reduction plan, and goals 

  3. Collaborate together to estbalish SBTs according to your business and industry 

What You'll Receive: 


Depending on your goal, you get:

  • Scienced based targets and science based target checklist completed

  • Canada’s net zero challenge’s preliminary or comprehensive checklist completed

  • Plan to achieve net zero




Starting at $3000 + additional costs for SBTi, if applicable 


Not ready to measure your company's carbon footprint?

That's ok.

Consider joining our Solutions Platform (beta)


The Solutions Platform is a new resource site meant to help small/ medium sized businesses to take climate action. This platform aims to simplify taking action on your sustainability goals. It is our hope that with these solutions, your business can work towards decarbonization without being overwhelmed and wasting time doing research.


Think of it an do-it-yourself approach to sustainability.

We offer various solutions within categories such as transportation, employee engagement, waste management, B-Corp certification, scope 3 calculation, digital carbon footprint, and carbon offsetting. Some are actual solutions we have offered clients at W2R Solutions.

This platform is in its infancy. We are looking for more companies to join and provide their crucial feedback for continuous improvement. 

Ready to join?

Fill the form below to get started!

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