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Today's customers really value environmental responsibility. You do too! That's why you're in this business.

We help you to measure, reduce, and communicate your impact so you can stand out among your competitors.

Want to learn more about us? You've come to the right place.  

Leila Nattagh,
Founder & Lead Consultant


Leila never thought a career in sustainability was feasible. While studying for her Bachelors, she learned about the harmful impact of our every day personal care products (shampoo, soaps, etc.) on our precious aquatic systems. This ignited her passion in taking care of our natural world. So she decided to pursue it further.  In 2012, she decided to complete her Masters in Environment & Sustainability at Western University in London, Canada. Since then, she's worked in the non-profit world, mainly focused in waste management. More specifically, she lived in the fascinating second-hand apparel world. (Do you know what happens to your clothes when you drop them off at a charity? Ask Leila!). Typical of a non-profit, Leila wore a lot of different hats and learned much about project & people management, sales & budgeting, writing business plans & managing vendors in a competitive market. During this time, Leila was inspired by a London (Ontario) fashion designer who was making clothing using local labor and sustainable material like bamboo. She wondered how much a business like this would grow if they shared their impact against the backdrop of fast fashion. So, she got to work in helping businesses in measuring, reducing, and sharing their impact. And W2R Solutions was born.

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Anisa Maruschak,
LCA Consultant

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Anisa's background working in cleantech made it clear that our linear economic model could not be maintained. Working across heavy-polluting industries, including oil and gas, mining and waste management, highlighted the detrimental social and environmental impacts of product production and disposal, and trained her to apply systems thinking to explore sustainable solutions from a holistic perspective. She helps business owners incorporate sustainability in their business by measuring and reducing their impacts. When not working on climate solutions or advocating a circular economy, you can find her exploring the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Anisa is also the Founder of The Circular Consumer, a platform for sharing ideas and creative solutions to climate change and circular economy for businesses and consumers.

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We're nimble & flexible.

Have a unique project? We can help. Need customized reporting? We can help. The beauty of a small firm is that we can customize our work based on the clients needs easier than the big guys. 

We're small yet mighty. 

Don't see a service you need on your website? No worries. Chances are we know someone who can help you. We're connected with other consultants who provide ESG reporting, B-corp certification, facility energy audits, carbon literacy webinar for team building, and so much more. Just ask!

We specialize in small/medium sized businesses.

You don't need to be the size of Nestle to take climate action. You can begin now. We simplify this work so you know exactly the next steps to take and how they help you.

We meet you where you are.

There is so much to do in our sustainability journey. It can be overwhelming. You may have a dedicated team or you may not. You may be reporting ESG or you may not. It's ok. Where you are now is perfect. Let us help you in your next step. 


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