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New Year Consulting

Do you want your company to be more sustainable but not sure how?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information and resources but don't know where to begin?

Don't have the budget for a internal sustainability expert?

Let's W2R Solutions simplify the next steps for you.

In a quick, 45-min call, you will received a list of customized sustainability recommendations, based on your business and general goals.


So you can start 2023 feeling confident with a clear path to achieve you environmental goals. 

Price: One-time fee of $169.00 (USD)

Note: we will not sell you anything on this call and will not just recommend our own solutions. It's a promise!

You will walk away with...

  • A 45-min consultation on how to approach sustainability in YOUR business

  • One-page summary of our recommendations

  • Confidence knowing exactly how to tackle your goals in the new year​


$169.00 (USD)

​This is a one-time fee, payable through PayPal.


This consultation service is only available until Jan 13, 2023. 

Book your call today!


Fill out consultation form


Book & pay for your consultation call


Have a 45-min consultation call


Know exactly how to tackle sustainability in 2023


This consultation service is available for a limited time only (until Jan 13, 2023). Availability at W2R Solutions will be limited after this date.

So, book your consultation today.
To start, fill out your consultation form.

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