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Life Cycle Assessment

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You have a green product.

But do your customers know that? Do they know how much better it is compared to the alternative? 


Without backing up your claims, you are at a risk of greenwashing your customers.


Let us help you prove the benefits of your product so you can avoid greenwashing.


If you’re like our clients, you're tired of justifying that your products don’t harm the environment.


With a life cycle assessment (LCA) you can prove to your customers and investors how much better your product is for the environment compared to its alternatives. 


A life cycle helps companies like yours make informed decisions about their environmental impact. It provides an objective analysis of all stages in a product's life from raw material extraction through manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal or recycling. 


  • Engage customers by educating them about your environmental benefits

  • Boost investor confidence by showing them quantifiable impact

  • Differentiate your product in a crowded marketplace

  • Reduce environmental impact with recommendations


  • Breakdown of the environmental impact of your product, for each life cycle stage

  • Quantifiable data, backed by science

  • Comparison of results to market alternative

  • Environmental impact can broken down into categories such as

    • Carbon footprint (Greenhouse gases emitted)

    • Water consumption

  • Customized recommendations on how to reduce your impact.

  • Bite-sized summary perfect for social media sharing

Investment begins at $3000 USD. 

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