7 reasons why you need a waste consultant

Regardless of the industry, your business is probably producing some sort of waste on a daily basis. A waste consultant is one who can provide practical advice on your waste management practices. They are not the haulers themselves but rather, they are an in-between entity. They work on the behalf of your business to efficiently manage your waste streams and bring you the best service at the best rate. Here are 7 reasons why you need a waste consultant:

Manage costs- This is the selling feature. Unless your waste accounts are actively managed, you can easily see large increases over a short span of time. Using their industry knowledge, waste consultants can bring you lowered rates and discounted surcharges.

Divert from landfill: This is the core of waste consultants: how to divert more from the landfill through various programs available for your unique business. They provide a variety of programs from composting, cigarette butt recycling, electronics, to cooking oil disposal services.

Free up your time- Chances are, you have better things to do than micromanage your monthly waste invoices. This problem is worse if you have multiple sites to manage. Waste Consultants are able to oversee all of your accounts, allowing you to focus on what's important: running your business!

Increase internal efficiencies- Consultants take a holistic approach to your waste. They look at your entire process from beginning to end. Typically, with small alterations in the internal process, you can gain extreme efficiencies that were not realized before.

Engage employees- Another example of holistic approach is to engage employees. By sharing best practices seen in other businesses, waste consultants engage your team. This increases the success rate and longevity of your internal recycling programs.

One point of contact- Let's face it: life is easier when you have one point person for all of your waste needs- from recycling and composting to office renovations and waste audits- you only need to call one number.

Trusted advice- Need help understanding your waste invoices? Confused about a recent surcharge? Considering an in-ground bin and not sure where to start? Waste Consultants will provide you with the real answers that you may not otherwise obtain.

What would you like your waste management services to look like? If you're interested in knowing what waste consultants can do for your business, contact Forest City Waste today.