How do we save you money?

The most common question we hear from prospective clients is

"How will you actually save us money?"

Although every business is different, our approach is very simple. It usually is done in three ways:

Material Waste Audit

We take a look at what's in your garbage bins. This is where we get our hands super dirty. And ask the following questions:


  • What kind of recyclables are in the garbage?

  • What percentage is recyclables versus actual waste?

  • Are the bins full when picked up?

  • What kind of contaminations are present?

  • How much air is in the bags?

  • Is there evidence of illegal dumping or rummaging?

  • Are the bins set up in the best area for your operations?

  • How can we maximize pickup frequency?

Based on these questions, we will know how to bring efficiency and diversion programs to your waste services.

Billing Audit

We then work on auditing your contracts and recent bills, similar to an accountant reviewing your taxes for a refund. We ask questions such as:


  • How much are you paying in surcharges and other fees?

  • Where are you in your contract- In the initial term or has it rolled over?

  • Do you have fixed pricing advantage?

  • Are you invoices reflective of actual service? (Billing errors are very common and most business owners are just too busy to notice and pick apart their invoices every month.)


These questions will help to break down your current pricing structure. Because we are consultants, we will provide you with unbiased and real answers to your concerns. Answers from these questions will help identify cost-saving opportunities for your business.

Business Goals

Finally, we want to understand your unique business needs. We discuss the following with you:


  • What is your ideal waste scenario?

  • What are your pain points?

  • What are your environmental goals?

  • How much time do you spend micromanaging your waste and recycling accounts? (Because we can also save your valuable time. Business owners/managers can "waste" a lot of time trying to decipher monthly invoices as they are frequently inconsistent. We will review your monthly invoices to ensure accuracy on a monthly basis)



Call us today to help you save an average of 20% on waste and recycling expenses.

Let's talk trash today. 

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