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A summary of past work for clients and how our services have helped them grow.

Mr. Bowmont
Recycled plastic apparel

Problem: Client wanted to showcase the environmental benefit of their swimming shorts made of recycled water bottles.

Solution: We compared their product to the alternative swimming shorts made of virgin (new) plastic.

Outcome: Gained a competitive advantage as metrics are shown on e-commerce page. This transparency builds trust with customers and increases engagement.  

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Bamboo roofing

Problem: Client wanted to approach investors to raise funding for environmentally superior roofing product in low-income neighborhoods of urban India.

Solution: We compared their product to the market alternatives: cement fiber and metal roofing.

Outcome: Client was able to secure funding from investors to launch the second generation of product. 

Xtyre Global
Car tire recycling 
(South Africa)

Problem: Xtyre wanted to enter a new industry with a novel product: rubber shipping pallets made of recycled car tires. They wanted to showcase the environmental benefits to prospective international clients.

Solution: We compared the carbon footprint
of their product to the wooden and virgin (raw) plastic alternatives.

Outcome: They have now secured multiple clients, within the US and Europe by showcasing the benefits of their novel product. 

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